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Parties in the dark

Cultural programme

Dark Restaurant® also welcomes another entertainment programme not necesssarily relied to gastronomy. Concerts and multimedial presentations are one of the most famous of them.

Dark Stage

The series of small recitals in the dark. Dark Restaurant´s scene hosts various artist. Stage was initiated with recordings of The Goldberg Variations by J.S.Bach interpreted by Glenn Gould. Also works of polish female poets Wisława Szymborka, Halina Poświatowska and Ewa Lipska were presented as well as J.Ch. Andersen´s fairy tales. There are also exhibitions of photograpy and sculptures in the dark.

Workshops in the darkness

We organized many workshops aimed at recognition of various ingrediences. The darkness provied the best circumstances to rate the quality of products. In Dark Restaurant® there are also workshops for students od psychology or sociology or for sightless community.

St. Valentine´s Day in Dark Restaurant®

The even brings those, who wish to spend this extraoridinary day in a special way

Christmas events

In the flood of corporate christmas parties, christmas meetings in the dark are a very attractive alternative and are very popular. The offer is adapted to the need of the organizers. Tasting can also be accompanied by numerous festive attractions.

Mother´s and Father´s Day in Dark Restaurant®

On these special days we offer a gift for all Mothers and Fathers to whom their adult children would like to give a special gift. Only the host pays for their set and Mood Food or Bizarre Food for parents are free of charge.

Celebrations and other events in the dark

Dark Restaurant® organizes a number of events in the dark such as anniversaries, birthdays and engagements which are especially popular. Dinner in our restaurant is also means to make business meetings more attractive and an interesting form of event accompanying Poznań International Fair.

Bachelor parties

Dark Restaurant® is a favourite place for bachelor parties. Dinner in the Dark Restaurant is a good start to an unforgettable crazy evening. With regard to this special day a special offer was introduced for groups of at least 6 people.

Bride/Groom: Mood Food or Bizarre Food for 100 PLN

Other guests: starter and main course for 100 PLN

Beverages are not included

Wine Tasting in the dark

Although traditional wine tasting is associated with the evaluation of the color and consistency of the drink, Dark Restaurant®  uses the situation to sharpen the taste and all factory senses and turn it into a powerfull and unique experience. Wine tasting is an occasional event organized at the request of guests, conditions will be agreed in the restaurant.

Practical information

Occasional events are organized for up to 50 people. In the case of groups 6 and larger the offer is set in advance and the organizers are asked to provide a list of guests at least 2 days in advance including information on food allergies and ingrediences that you would like to exclude from the offer.

In the case of groups from 6 people a 10% service is added to the total value. It is possible to issue an invoice with VAT.

Please, be advised that the number of dishes served corresponds to the previously determined number of guests regardless of possible absences.


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