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Out of scheme

Our aim is to constantly surprise, to provoque, to cross the borders. Everything uncoventional and out of schema interests us. We play with form taste, smell and shape. In our kitchen we change even state of some ingrediences, their consistency, smell or even taste. With using of the latest culinar techiques we always want to surprise our Guests with unusual courses.

In complete darkness, sight gives way to other senses. The taste, the smell and the touch are sharpen.

Experiment on a plate

We encourage our guests to try new and unknown ingrediences, they would not try under normal circumstances. We wish to make your visit in Dark Restaurant® to be a chance to cross your own boundaries and learn something new about yourself.

Even a choice of the way you eat is already breaking the taboo as you might not need cutlery to eat…

Sensual adventure

The moment we do not see what we eat and are reliant only on the sense of smell, taste or touch, our imagination is triggered. It can be a very individual and sensual experience, emphasizing a personal relationship to what we eat. In the dark, we often design our own dishes based on previous experiences and fantasies.

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