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How does it work?

Dark Restaurant® combines tastes from worldwide cuisines and also with regional and molecular ones. The menu as well as the beverages are surprises. After the dinner guests can talk to the chef who explains the menu in detail.

Dark Restaurant® is the unique restaurant in Poland where guests have been continously served in the darkness for 14 years. Before entering, our crew provides a short interview considering the chosen menu, food alergies and excluded ingrediences.

Our chef with his crew then prepare the individual menu based on the informations mentioned in the interwiev. Custoumers will learn all the ingredients later during the meeting with the chef, who explains all details about the menu.

The average time spent in the darkness is 90 to 120 minutes.

Do you know?

Dark Restaurant® has a patent on dining and organizing events in the darkness in Poland and the European Union. The name and the whole formula were claimed at the European Patent Office.

Our history

The idea of opening a restaurant at the address Garbary 48 first appeared in the late 90s, when the general renovation of basements had started. It has alredy been the most artistic tenement in Poznań.

The restaurant Pod Złotą Jabłonią (Under the Golden Appletree) was opened on February 8th 2002. By its decoration and character it refered to the Gallery of modern art Garbary 48 and art ateliers located at the ground floor and upper floors.

Till today there is a room dedicated to a poznanian artist Jerzy Potrowicz, the interieur of the restaurant is decorated with a serie of sculptures ilustrating the history of the oldest love of Adam and Eve. The serie begins with two sculptures surrounding the entracne to the building.

After few years the restaurant has shared one of its room to an experimantal dining in the darkness. This performative event was eventually so succesfull that the concept became permanent. 

In 2006 the whole restaurant has converted to Dark Restaurant® and has been working like this till today.

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